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brand design

Shine bright with a professional, brilliant brand that makes a great first impression. 


first impressions are huge. don't stress, my love. I've got you.

Think of your brand as a living, breathing entity. Just like a person, your brand has a certain personality, tone of voice, mood & experience. It has specific core values & beliefs. Let's get to the heart of your brand and give it captivating visuals that immediately grab the heart & soul of your audience. 




How long will it take?

Around 2 weeks. This is based on individual projects & complexity, as well as your availability to review designs & provide feedback.

What's Included?

Brand Questionnaire

Target Audience Questionnaire

Brand Mood Board

Customized Color Palette

Black and white versions of your logo

Full color logo finals

Alternative logos


Signature brand font combinations

Signature brand texture/pattern

Branding Style Guide

Investment Starting at $375


Business Cards - $45

Keep your branding consistent across the board. You'll get a custom business card design ready to be printed.

Social Media Kit - $90

Up your social media game and connect with your audience through your brand visuals. You'll get 9 fully editable Photoshop templates to use for your promotions on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter. 

Blog Graphics -$65

Bloggers, this one's for you. You'll get 3 editable Photoshop templates for captivating blog post graphics, perfect for pinning on Pinterest.


Want to add on something else? Just let me know!



How does it work?


1) Get in touch. And do your homework.

Send me a message. Once we sort out overall project details, I'll send you a target audience & brand questionnaire so I can get a deeper understanding of your vision, preferences & goals. I'll have you create a Pinterest brand inspiration board.

2) Mood Board

After I've studied your questionnaires & Pinterest board, I'll create a mood board & custom color palette. You'll have up to 3 rounds of revisions for each.

3) Logo Design

Now that we have the right mood for your brand, I'll start the logo design process! I'll provide 3 unique logo designs & you'll have 3 rounds of revisions.

4) Branding Style Guide

Once the logo is finalized, you'll get full color versions of your logo, alternative logos, signature brand texture/pattern & font combinations, all on a Branding Style Guide.

5) Extra Elements

Here is where I'll create any add-ons that you request like business cards, social media kit, blog graphics, etc.

6) Launch!

Once you've fallen madly in love with your new brand, I'll package all of your documents & deliver them via Dropbox. Woohoo! Time to launch your beautiful brand & share it with the world!



ready to get started?

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