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Humming Soul Creative is a branding & web design studio helping creative entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.


I'm Anjana,

owner of Humming Soul Creative & I'd love to help you translate your vision into a distinguished online presence.

I'm a brand & website designer, yoga teacher & free spirit with a wild heart. I'm passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs like you shine with soulful authenticity.

You've got heart & soul. You are doing purposeful work & have a true gift to share with the world.

It's my job to translate your vision, your mission, your story into a beautiful, effective, captivating brand & website that deeply resonates with your ideal client.

I’m so glad you’re here!


What's a Humming Soul?

Just like a hummingbird, a Humming Soul seeks out the juiciest joy in life & the beauty in every day. Then we spread that joy & beauty all around. We do what makes our soul hum & light up so that we can serve the world.


And what's an intentional entrepreneur?

As an Intentional Entrepreneur, you've got soul, you lead your business with your heart, and you've got clear & powerful intention behind what you create with your business. You've got passion & purpose. You use your unique gifts to truly help & serve people. Your Humming Soul is vibrant & needs to be seen by the world to fulfill your purpose here.

Let me do the hard work of creative & strategic design to make you effortlessly shine.